Should I Shave or Cut out an Intradermal Nevus Between my Lip and my Nose? (photo)

It's just under 1/4 inch wide, flesh colored and been there for 25 years. Several surgeons say cut it out, other surgeons say shave because of where it is and because it might dog-ear. What if it grows back? What a mess that will be - first a shave, then a cut.

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Mole removal

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I would first be aware that no matter what you do, you are likely to leave a scar. Be absolutely sure that you will be okay with a scar vs the mole.

To patients facing this same dilemma, I often recommend shave removal.  If you are less than pleased with the round scar and/or it grows back, there is nothing holding you back from an excision at that point.  It can take up to a year before the final scar appearance becomes apparent.  Still, many are pleased with the shave in the first place.  It is a quick and relatively procedure that doesn't require stitches and doesn't change our options for the future should you change your mind.  Just be sure to go with someone who is very comfortable with whatever you choose.   

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