Best Treatment for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

Hello - Which is a good method to eradicate them -- radio surgery (which looks like a loop) or radio frequency (which uses a needle)? Is it true that radio freq will create a uneven divet (sp?) in the skin? I have about 10 or so on face and I'm looking all over for the correct treatment and would like to know where I can find someone who does either. thank you

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Treatment of Sebaceous Hyperplasia

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There are many treatments available for sebaceous hyperplasia and all come with risks. I am partial to intralesional desiccation, a procedure where the lesion is anesthetized using tiny needles and a fine needle is inserted into each lobule of the lesion and heated using electricity. This is usually extremely effective and most often leaves very little scarring or skin depression. I often recommend treating one to three lesions first, and if they do well, treat more. It is also relatively inexpensive.

Other options exist, including lasers, cryosurgery, acid peels, and regular electrodesiccation. 

Boca Raton Dermatologic Surgeon
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Sebaceous hyperplasia treatment

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It is important to have the lesions evaluated first by a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis of sebeaceous hyperplasia.  The areas that concerns you can then be burned with an electric needle.  This method allows for targeted treatment of the area and minimizes scarring.  If you have multiple areas of concerns, your dermatologist can first treat a "test spot" to check your reaction.  If you are happy with the outcome, the remaining lesions can then be treated. 

Aurora Badia, DO
Fort Myers Dermatologist

Good news...almost anything works for this recurrent problem...

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some people are prone to this common condition...treatment varies with doctor preference...I use an electrosurgical needle...a my first very well without scarring on small lesions...some like to use liquid nitrogen depending on size...can get fancier but no reason... seems anything that stimulates the glands may make it worse if you're genetically humid environment, spicy hot foods

Ken Landow, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist

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Sebaceous hyperplasia

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These yellowish bumps on the skin can be very small or large. If they are numerous or atypical they should be checked by a dermatologist. Very unusually these lesions can be associated with colon problems and a colonoscopy might be worthwhile. All destructive treatments, shaving, Ellman radiosurgery/radiofrequency, electrodesiccation can result in some lesions becoming deeper than the normal surrounding skin. In expert hands, the very careful application of a very strong concentration of 100% trichloracetic acid may help flatten them. The only way to prevent the same lesion from regrowing would be to surgically excise it but that may leave an unsatisfactory result.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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