Scars After Face/Neck Lift. What Can I Do?

I have very bad scars (hypertropic) and also very long scars on my neck after face lift and neck surgeon has now cut out old scars but new ones dont seem good.I had it done abroad but dont know why he made scars soooo long in my neck that everyone can see them.dont know what I can do.made new scars in feb 2012.

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Neck lift and facelift scars

I revise many facelift and neck lift scars performed by other surgeons.  The first line treatment is pulsed dye scar laser, followed by IIT and scar excision if needed. 

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You have some options...

In general facelift incisions should be almost invisible when healed. Attention to care full design around the ear and making sure not to put any tension on the incisions when closing help produce hairline thin scars that are almost impossible to see. In my experience I see a fair amount of wide and hypertrophic scars-usually behind the ear. When I do revision lifts on those patients I can typically make them look better but not perfect. Without seeing photos of you it is hard to give advice. Some scars can be improved with kenalog injections. Silicone sheets and gels are available that can help soften scars. In general most scars get better in time. You may even be a candidate for a third revision lift that removes the scars and closes the skin without tension.

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Scars After Face/Neck Lift

Without photos, it will be difficult to provide you with an appropriate treatment recommendation.  Scar revision and/or laser treatments are two possibilities. Consult with 2 - 3 experienced board certified plastic surgeons to explore your options.

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Scars after facelift and necklift

Depending on the severity of the scar, a scar revision can help. Laser treatments are also an effective way to reduce the appearance of scars. Photos would really be necessary to provide you with the best advice. I hope this helps answer your question, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Scars after facelift

Without pictures it is difficult to speculate regarding the most effective treatment options. There are a variety of less invasive options for post-operative hypertrophic scars including steroid injections and laser application. Often times, excision is the most effective option. The unfortunate thing is that excision requires a second procedure with downtime. I would get at least two opinions from experienced and qualified surgeons who can do a thorough evaluation.

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