Does ScarPrin Work on Sclerotherapy Hyperpigmentation? Other Recommendations?

I had sclerotherapy done on both legs 2 years ago. My doctor told me the scar or "stain" could take a year or so to fade,& to stay out of the sun & use sunscreen, which I have been careful to do. It is now 2 years later and I still have a long dark brown scar or "stain" on one leg. I purchased Hiruval 35 Cream over the counter a year ago, but it only slightly lightened the scar. I am very frustrated it is taking so long. Does ScarPrin gel or Revitol cream or Silver shield gel work?

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Treating hyperpigmentation from sclerotherapy

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I have my sclerotherapy patients use either Scleroquin or Melaquin PM to address pigmentation from sclerotherapy.  If you cannot find the product, please call our office to obtain information. 

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