I Have a Scar That is Lighter Than the Rest of Skin. Any Solutions?

I was kicked in the head by my daughter. It scarred up but did not heal correctly. It has been about 3 months. I have darker skin. My scar healed lighter than the complexion of skin. the Scar is Not Raised. Any suggestions. I just started using Mederma but not sure if it's working.

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Light scar treatment

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Many topical treatments will help. Scar tissue can be melted no matter how old it is or what made it as long as it is either overgrown or still growning. If it is sunken, nothing will work.
Topical silicone sheeting hlpe raise the enzyme that melts scar tissue, but is a bit cumbersome. Scarguard does it also.  It is a liquid that dries to an almost invisible flexible film sheet. You can never erase a scar but this product will make it look better. It is dispensed by a lot of plastic surgeons after surgeies and injuries to lessen scars.

Careful here though. These things SHRINK scar tissue. Yous is discolored to the light side. Nothing will re-grow the melanocytes, the cells that make the pigment. Only medical tatooing will put back the color. This is not so popular though because you skin is a different color in summer and in winter. A great match all year is nearly impossible.

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