Swelling in face due to acne or tissue damage? (Photos)

I got a pimple after eating oily food. I tried to pop the pimple but only clear fluid came out and I seem to have made it worse. There seems to be some type of swelling under the surface of my skin. That pimple left a scab and today if fell off, so my skin is smooth but I still have swelling in my face. It doesn't feel like a pimple because the skin isn't sensitive. It is hard to move my face. I was wondering if it's possible I damaged the tissue in my face from trying to pop that pimple.

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Firmness after popping a pimple

There is inflammation in the skin in this area. It could represent an infection of simple a reaction to the trauma. If it doesn't settle down in a few days, go to see a doctor. I don't think permanent damage has been created. It is usually best not to manipulate a pimple this aggressively. 

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