Although kybella would not reduce snoring could it reduce compression of airway during OSA by reducing fatty tissues?

Sleep apnea is related to fatty tissue obstruction around the neck. I would think using kybella would help reduce fatty tissue and compression around the airway, however not affect snoring. Please respond about this

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Kybella and sleep apnea

It is not likely that Kybella would improve sleep apnea.  This problem is usually due to a combination of factors including abdominal obesity, multilevel airway obstruction (nose, palate, mouth/tongue, throat), and muscle tone.  I would recommend consultation with a sleep medicine specialist such as an otolaryngologist to review your sleep study and discuss treatment options.

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Does Kybella help with Sleep Apnea

Kybella reduces the quantity of submental fat. The reduction in fat is due to a reduction in preplatysmal fat. It will not have an effect on obstructive sleep apnea. 

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