How to resolve forehead throbbing 2 1/2 years following paramedian forehead flap reconstruction?

30 months ago underwent paramedian forehead flap nasal reconstruction following Mohs surgery. Reconstruction was performed by facial plastic surgeon. I continue to experience significant throbbing along forehead scar line, from eyebrow to donor site. Also numbness on skull further up. I have received two Botox treatments, which were not effective. (I have full sensation on my forehead). The throbbing is significantly diminished when I wear sunglasses, reading glasses or hats.

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Forehead throbbing after paramedian forehead flap

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Following forehead flap it's normal to have a tightness/throbbing sensation in the forehead can last for several months. However, It is unusual to have these symptoms for the amount of time that you are having.
It's difficult to precisely determine what is the cause for that. One possibility is that this is related to the trigeminal nerve. As the nerve recovers, it can create abnormal innervation, which will lead to an abnormal sensation. 
That being said, there is nobody better than your surgeon to counsel you as to why this symptoms is still lingering and options for treatment. 
Good luck and I hope you improve soon

Marietta Facial Plastic Surgeon

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