Is there a permanent treatment I can get to get rid of all of my sensitive skin?

I have dark spots on my face and really bad acne

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Acne treatment and dark spots

There are multiple treatments for acne and dark spots. Treatment depends on what you have tried before and severity of acne / dark spots. Consult with a dermatologist for the possible options of treatments (topical, medication, lasers, peelings) You may need a combination of treatments. Good luck.


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Is there a permanent treatment I can get to get rid of all of my sensitive skin?

No there is not a permanent way to remove all your skin but there are several tools that will improve it. Depending on your skin type there is skin bleachers that can be used on a daily basis along with sunprotection to improve the dark spots. There is also light treatments to help with the pigmentation and acne. The key is to get the acne under control first and then target the dark spots. I would start with topical creams first along with light chemical peel(light treatments so not to make the pigmentation worse is important) and then you can go from there to something more aggressive. Definitely make an appointment with a cosmetic Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist to discuss your options. Good Luck!

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Improving acne and dark spots

It depends on your skin type. If you are a type 1-3, I would treat with the Excel V laser and possibly the Spectra QS laser. Starting Retin A and a hydroquinone will also be helpful. Chemical peels are good for maintenance as well. For acne scarring, Infini is also a recommended treatment.

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