Is It Safe to Remove Skin Tags (warts on Face), if I Had Keloid?

the keloids are on chest,3cm and shoulders,5cm long.i already take steroid injection for those keloids n it is thinner now.

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Wart removal and surgery in keloid patients

Conservative therapy is indicated if the warts are problematic or spreading. There are many effective treatments for warts, even in those that have a history of keloids. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Is It Safe to Remove Skin Tags if I Had a Keloid?

The answer is, usually. Keloids are more likely to occur in the areas where you have them. If a skin tag is properly removed it should leave minimal scarring. However, given your history it would be best to see a plastic surgeon or dermatologist so if the areas are not healing properly, you can be treated rapidly and hopefully avoid any issues with keloid formation on your face.

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