How can i get rid of a huge hole in my nose caused by acne?

Last year I got a huge bump in the middle of my nose and I've tried everything from laser to chemical peels to get rid of it. A doctor in Milwaukee, WI told me that he'd sew it up but I'm thinking that getting it sewn would leave additional scarring. I'm considering taking a straight razor and cutting downward (as deep as I think the hole is) and hoping for a good result. If I do the straight razor, how should I expect it to heal? I know it's not a smart thing to do, but I'm desperate!

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How To Fix "Huge Hole" in Nose

Absolutely do not self treat, especially with a razor. You will only make it worse. Depending on the size and nature of the hole, filling it with a filler may be a very good option. Another good option would be punch excision with or without a graft depending on the size.  Good luck!

New York Dermatologist
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Don't do any "self surgery"!

The depression you have is likely from tissue destruction caused by the inflammation. There are options. Depending on the size of the "hole" you can use a filler like Restylane or Perlane which should last a long time in that area.

Another option is called punch graft where a piece of tissue taken from another area is grafted into the depression. A plastic surgeon or dermatological surgeon can minimize scars in ways that you might not expect.

Please don't risk further tissue destruction by cutting yourself. The risks are huge and you could get blood poisoning and tissue necrosis from an infection.


Nissan Pilest, MD
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