How Do I Get Rid of Demarcation Line and Soften Scar Aound Ear?

I had co2 about 12 years ago, a face lift about 10 years ago, 2 years ago-4 rounds of fraxel to delete hyperpigmentation that had shown up around my ears and bottom of jaw. Now I have more hyperpigmentation on my neck and the line of demarcation from co2 is more difinitive and my scar around my ear shows up more. I have an appointment to try the ultrlux light therapy next week to try to blend. I know that it now looks like i need another facelift,etc. but my goal is to be more one color!

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How Do I Get Rid of Demarcation Line and Soften Scar Aound Ear?

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You may want to consider a series of gentle TAC and/or glycolyic acid peels with intermittent use of Retin-A

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Treating depigmented white scars

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The issues appear to be skin coloration with sharp visible line of demarcation and continued aging changes of the face (adynamic skin wrinkles, laugh lines, marionette lines, jowling and small amount of excess neck skin with platysmal bands). 8 to 10 years is pretty much the life span of a facelift for most patients. The procedures can make you more youthful but cannot stop the continuing aging process.

I would recommend that you address these 2 issues in 2 stages. The first would be a secondary facelift with filler (fat or synthetic)  to the laugh lines and bone rim under the eye for the tear trough, jowls, neck skin and laugh lines. The second would be ablative laser of the cheeks and lips for the adynamic lines and spray grafting of pigment cells to decrease or remove the line of demarcation. If you chase the line down you will end up going down to the collar bone and be left with a white face and neck. The problem is the past treatments have killed the pigment cells in your facial skin and the treatments were not or could not be feathered at the edges to make the line of demarcation less noticeable. If you continue with peels and laser treatments to the line you will just move it further down. You also have another line of demarcation in the side burn area in front of each ear.

If the aging changes are not a concern and you are only concerned with the color difference I think you would be better off with cover make up and no surgery than continued peels, lasers and light treatments. I do not think you can make the line of demarcation less noticeable by just removing pigment cells along that line. Aside from the pigmentation issues I think the scar around your ears is of excellent quality and should not be an issue. That is just my opinion and I am sure other surgeons will have different opinions.

Aaron Stone, MD
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