Retin A Micro - for wrinkles, acne & acne marks. Can I combine it with Argan Oil?

Hello, I have acne, some slight lines and some acne marks that I would like to treat with Retin A Micro Gel. I use it currently to spot treat and it works amazing b/c its super drying. I want to know how I can use this all over my face without causing it to peel/redden. Can I apply Argan oil prior to putting on the Retin A micro? or should it be used after? Or will applying the oil take away from the benefits of the Retin A?

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Small amount of Retin A is enough

With Retin A it should be applied to washed skin, and a single pea sized amount is enough for a full face. Moisturizer can be applied after the Retin A is applied and rubbed into the skin until it is fully absorbed. Sometimes you need to start slow with the Retin A and use it every 2 days for a week, then every 3 days for a week and then try nightly.

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