Renova for Crepey Chin? (photo)

Hi, I am thinking of using Renova 0.05 for the creepy skin on my chin. It started in the center of my chin about 10 years ago and has slowly gone across my whole chin and is unsightly. I get micro-dermabrasion, exfoliate, use creams twice daily. I have added 2 views of my chin for your review. Wondering if you think Renova would make it semi-smooth again? Your advice and help is most appreciated before I turn to laser. Thank you!

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I would be inclined to try a some Botox into the muscles of the chin (mentalis), and a little filler in that area.  You may get a small amount of improvement in thin crepey skin from Renova, but the chin is usually thick and sebaceous (oily).  Laser resurfacing has great results in this area.

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