Are There Prominently Used Equipment or Techniques That Could Remove Pockets of Fat Directly on the Face?

Many liposuction centers I have contacted say they do not own the type of equipment that would allow the doctor to remove fat from fragile and small spots on the face. Would someone be better off using an alternative like Botox to hide the lines these create? The prime area I am concerned about is the pocket of fat that resides above the nasalobial fold and below the eyes. It has always been a prominent feature in photos, and gives an older feel to my face, despite the fact that I am only 18.

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Fat pockets of the face ?

Probably a more suitable approach would be to highlight your cheekbones with Radiesse so that they are less flat and more likely to hide the area that you are concerned about. Prominent cheekbones are 'the in thing' now.

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