Remedy for Hereditary Dark Under Eye Circles?

I'm a female, and I have terribly dark circles around my eyes that unfortunately, are hereditary. My father's side of the family have the dark circles and I notice that as they age, the circles grow darker and darker. The circles on my eyes, on any given day, can appear to be light brown but at others they're really dark brown. I don't like the idea of concealer simply because I don't want to HAVE to need it everyday to look normal, but I'm tired of looking drained. What can I do?

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How to treat dark circles under the eyes

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First of all one has to determine the CAUSE of dark circle. In most cases this is racial (I have them as well), in some cases, it is due to deep tear troughs, in others a combination of PIH or skin hyper pigmentation due to eczema, and in many cases a combination of factors.

In the US, we prefer Restylane in this area, however in Australia, Restylane and JUVEDERM VOLBELLA can be used. I do place the filler deep- namely on bone, this reduces the chances of a Tyndall effect (blue tinge).

Other ways to treat dark circles under the eyes include -

1. Treat any skin irritation - namely simplify your skin care regime- use a good eye cream
2. Low dose Q switch lasers
3, Microneedling and PRP
4. Low strength HQ creams.

Even with multiple treatment methods, dark circles can only be reduced, and not totally eliminated. Realistic expectations are crucial in treatment of this problem.

All the best
Dr Davin Lim
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia.

Treatment of dark under eye circles

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Dark discoloration under the eyes can be due to shadows created by the

  1. surface topography that creates a shadow,
  2. actual skin darkening or
  3. thinning of the skin which allows the color of the underlying muscle to show through.

You can also have various combinations of these factors causing the darkness like 75% of 2 and 25% of 1 etc. Also 1 can be due to swollen eyelid skin from allergies, insufficient eyelid fat etc. Without a face to face examination it is impossible to say what the exact cause is and therefore what the treatment should be. If the darkening is changing during the course of a day the cause cannot be solely due to 2 as skin color does not become lighter and darker like that. For pure 2 your best options are laser or cover up makeup. For pure 1 due to excess eyelid skin unrelated to allergies surgery is the best option. For pure 1 due to a depression like a tear trough only then an injectable filler may be your best option.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Under eye fillers can help some.

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Hi SMonique

Dark circles trouble everyone to some degree.  However some have much worse darks circles than others.  The dark circles are affected by shadowing, pigment in the skin, but the biggest culprit is thin lower eyelid skin.  This allows the thin muscle just under the skin to absorb much of the light that penetrates the skin.  This leaves this area looking very dark.  Understanding this helps you appreciate that bleaching the skin will be relatively ineffective.  Filling the circle with hyaluronic acid fillers does help but is not perfect.  Laser resurfacing is disappointing.  Concealers put a reflective layer on the skin which helps lighten these areas.  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 26 reviews

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