What Can I Do to Reduce Areola Incision Scars? What Type of Laser?

I had surgery that I am extremely happy with almost a year ago, but the scar on my right is more hidden and unnoticeable however the one on my left is slightly longer and more pigmented. I know lasers can't take away everything, but I've heard very good things. What would be the best type treatment to get, and how long would to take to see results? Thank you!

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What Laser is Best for Scars?

Hello.  The type of laser used depends on what the scars look like.  

If the scar is red, we will always reach for a pulsed dye laser, our Cynosure V-Star.  If the scar is brown or dark, we will always reach for our q-switched lasers, either the Palomar Q-Yag V or the Medlite C6.

If the scars are hypopigmented (white) then we would likely refer you to a permanent makeup artist in Redondo Beach to color them.  

We are in Torrance and offer free consultations to start the process.  Feel free to check the links below to view the results of our treatments.

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Breast scars can be improved with a combination of vascular laser and fractional co2 laser.

I use the vascular laser and fractional CO2 laser to improve breast scars and breast implant scars.  This modality works well on the breast. 

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