Redness due to stiches removal is not going away, what can I do?

i have undergone a scar revision on my cheek and now its almost a week that stitches are removed but the redness is not going or lessening.I have to join my office in fewdays>can i get rid of the redness and lumps formed due to stiches.

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Redness from stitches

The redness you are seeing a week after your revision is part of the normal wound healing process.  The redness will fade over time and daily sunscreen use is highly recommended.  A year ago, SkinMedica launched a scar gel that works extremely well in improving the appearance of scars and decreasing this redness much faster.  My website has a link to purchase or you may call and we can ship you a tube if desired.  It only runs $30. Do not waste your money on Mederma.  Vitamin E also not better than just plain vaseline.  Keep a good sunscreen that contains zinc oxide on it or bandaid if going outdoors.

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