What Can You Recommend As Skin Care Line for Oily Skin?

I'm 28, i've never really had a skin care line that i can follow for years so this is what i'm looking for now. I have oily skin, i have a couples line around my eyes along with that are already there. So i want something that will help me that too and anything will just help the appearance of my skin like those serum. Any input about over the counter products or that i can possibly buy in Sephora, would be grateful. Thanks for your time

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Skin care line for oily skin

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Disclosure: I like my skin care line, scientific by Kenneth Beer

With that in mind, I would tend to avoid the hydrating items in any line. In my line, I would reccomend the cleanser and the exfoliator. In other lines, there are ingredients such as witch hazel and salicylic acid that will help to dry the skin. Neutrogena has several drying products such as those for acne.


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