Raised Bump on Nose

I have a round bump on my nose that started as a pimple. It never went away. I just got kenalog injected into it yesterday and was hoping to see results in a week or two. If the injection doesn't work what are my options on removing this? I saw a ps and he suggested shaving it away. My derm told me its a raised scar, but not a hypertropic scar. It has a pore it in, that sometimes oozes. So how can that be a scar? Can someone please help me.

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Sebaceous cyst

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What you are describing is a sebaceous cyst and the pore is the opening of the plugged gland on the skin. When it is plugged it the gland fills with secretions and once the pressure has built up enough it will push out the plug and drain to the outside world. That is what you call the ooze. The only treatment is to remove the offending gland which is a minor procedure under local anesthesia.

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