Potential infection post op, PS gave me prescription for 4 pills to take within 24 hours. Is this normal?

My surgeon gave me three prescriptions...two for the pain and take down the swelling. The third was to treat an infection just Incase and was only 4 pills I took within 24 hours: is that normal? I don't want to question my ps

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Post op medication

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This is actually what I also do.  I actually give 3 types of pain medication - one for swelling, one narcotic and one for nerve pain.  The 2 other types of pain control allow patients to get off of narcotic pain medication sooner.  These types of medications have been studied and show that they work very well for post-operative pain.  I know it seems like you are taking a lot of medication and it can be confusing but it is only for a short period of time and this regimen really works!  Best of luck!

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