What's the best Method For Addressing Post-Acne Neck Scarring? (Photo)

Dealt with cystic neck acne for a good while, now I have been left with narrow, flat portions of scar tissue (atrophic macules) on the left side of my neck (roughly level with my skin). In the picture they are red, but its been a year since that photo, and now its a lighter pink that is less obvious.. But definitely still visible. I also have a rolling type scar going on below my earlobe on that side on my jawline. How could I go about treating this? Surgery? Laser?

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Acne Scarring

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If the scars are still pink or red, then treatment with a vascular-specific laser such as pulsed dye laser or intense pulsed light can lighten them.   This might also provide collagen stimulation to fill in the scars a bit.  Other options would include non-ablative fractional lasers or dermaroller (microneedling) treatments.  You could possibly also consider a filler to restore lost volume such as very dilute Sculptra.    

Neck scars from acne rolling scars

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co2 laser resurfacing could help in a fractionated manner. You can consider excisions as well. Volumizing under the rolling scar that is depressed is an option too along with subcision.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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