Is Plastic Surgery Necessary After Massive Weight Loss?

I'm 5'9" and weigh around 490 lbs. I would like to try and get down to 200 lbs without surgery. I think I can do this, however.

Would it be possible to lose the 290lbs and not need plastic surgery later? BTW I'm 45 and no job. I not only need to lose the weight for my health but to help find a job.


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Plastic surgery after major weight loss

Weight loss has great health benefits. After weight loss men and women are faced with loose hanging skin folds of the abdomen, flanks, chest, breasts, and even face. Plastic surgery after major weight loss offers patients to look healthy and good.

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Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss

Thank you for your question.

It is in your best interest (health wise) to lose as much weight as possible.  After that weight loss, you will most likely have loose, hanging skin BUT it is not NECESSARY to have plastic surgery - it would be your choice.  Most insurance companies would not cover these procedures as they call them "elective".

Best WisheS!

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Is plastic surgery necessary after massive weight loss?

Dear Scooter,

You have a BMI of 72.4. (A BMI of 40 and above qualifies as MORBID obesity). For your own health (heart disease,diabetes,joint and back destruction ) - you MUST lose a lot of weight. Unfortunately, I have never seen anyone losing 290 pounds without a surgical procedure.

AFTER your weight had stabilized hopefully below a BMI of 30, you will have a lot of loose skin. You will not "need" plastic surgery for it and no insurance company will pay for anything with POSSIBLE exception for removal of the tummy overhang, but you will benefit from and have to pay for such surgery out of pocket.

I hope this was helpful.

Peter A Aldea, MD, FACS

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Ask your insurance company


Seriously, health insurance companies are looking for reasons to deny surgery all day long. One of their favorites is to call an operation "cosmetic." If you can get them to cover any surgery at a reasonable rate, there would be surgeons lined up to do it.

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