Photofacial result ..normal or not normal? (photo)

I had a photofacial yesterday for the first time. The areas she focused on has small brown spots darkening, as expected... but my concerning is my forehead where there are larger patches of dark spots. Will this heal the same as the smaller spots? It seems as though it is partially the rectangular shape of the wand used. Please advised, I'm super worried. Thank you.

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Photofacial, areas of darkened skin

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Yes, you should heal within a week. Those look to be areas of pigment that are raising to the surface. They should exfoliate the same way the other areas of pigment exfoliate. In our office we have you pre-treat with a Hydroquinone 4%, 4 weeks before your treatments begin. This helps the healing process. If you are not on one i would suggest you start it before your next visit.

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Photofacial Results

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You will heal within the week, IPL or (Intense Pule Light) is typically used for photofacials. The darkening is normal and it can take a week or more to resolve. It is a good sign that you will be pleased with the results.

Melanie L. Petro, MD
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