Anything OTC That Works for PIH Especially for the Chin Area?

Anything OTC That Works for PIH Especially for the Chin Area?

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Over the counter medications for the chin area to combat hyperpmentation in the chin area

As the other doctor said there might not be something that is strong enough. There are some natural bleaching agents that you can look into. But then you are getting into things that really should be prescribed and monitored by your doctor. I would consider scrubs to speed up your skin turneover and loofahs, etc. You could consider 1% hydrocortisone to help but this is part of the regimen where you add Retin A and hydroquinone.

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OTC might not be strong enough

OTC products really might not be strong enough, especially in the chin area. And I'd bet that you'd end up spending more trying different OTC products without great results than you'd just spend at a physician's office visit and with a good prescription. That being said, you could try hydrocortisone 1% if the PIH is red and irritated. If it's more brown-toned, then you could try like a SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator, Blemish/AGE, or Phyto+, but it really depends on the coloring of the PIH. I really think you most likely need a hydroquinone product, in which case you'll need to see a physician.

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