Will Open Wound from Surgical Acne Scar Treatment Fill In?

What if a wound that had sutures for 6 days, steri strips for 5, opens up? Now I have this gap, rather than 2 acne scars. It has been 4 weeks, and I don't know if it will fill in.

Unlike the acne ice pick scar that didn't fill in, is this the type of wound/scar capable of filling in? I was told that he put sutures underneath as well as the few on top.

I had Total FX, 4 months ago; but it did nothing for the acne scars. I opted to have this done, figuring a fine line would be less noticeable than a hole. I called office on day 12, and said it was open. The nurse said it will take time to heal. The plastic surgeon doesn't even want to see the scar until 3 months.

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Your doctor needs to see you!

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I am sorry to hear you are having bad luck with your treatments. I am also surprized to hear your doctor is not seeing you. This is the first thing you learn in "Doctor school": See the patient. The doctors do not know what's going on unless they can see the patients and examine them. This is the reason why we sometimes are not able to answer questions from patients on this website: We really need to see the patients to provide a reasonable opinion.

Your doctor's office should see you the same day or the next day is you have an open wound from their procedure. It is really that easy. They should examine you, make sure you don't have an infection or anything else going on, and treat you. If they elect to do nothing, it should be an educated decision by your doctor.

Hope everything goes well.

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

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