Too Old for Lipotherme?

I am considering Lipotherme on my stomach but have heard that if you are over 60, it will not help sagging skin.

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Liposuction will not help sagging skin regardless of your age

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Even if you were young, if you have loose sagging skin, liposuction of any kind (laser or otherwise) will not help.  This is because liposuction requires that the skin will shrink to get a good result.  If it can't shrink, the result will be poor. 

Can 60 be too old for lipotherm.

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No necessarily, if you are healthy and a good candidate for liposuction, lipotherme is the technic that will offer you the best chances of good skin tightening, once the contour is good, if you still want more tightening, after you heal, you can try radiofrequency, which is an in office procedure.

Senior Citizens can safely have laser lipo

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I have treated several patients with laser lipo who are over 60.  While the concern is that the skin may not shrink back after lipo as much as a young person's, it is on a case by case basis.

Of all the techniques, laser lipo is most likely to facilitate skin shrinking.  Make sure that you are overall medically suitable for liposuction, and if so, there should not be any reasons not to have laser assisted liposuction.

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