What's the best treatment for scarring, comedones and red marks? (Photo)

I had completely clear skin, but suddenly I got a big closed comedone on my right cheek (the big brown spot left on the picture) and i popped it at home.. (It was white puss and blood coming out of it) Then it all of a sudden almost spread to the other cheek and i got lots of comedones on my left cheek and some in only the area where the big comedone was. Now i got a lot of scarring and i get closed comedones here and there. What type of treatment would be best?

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Dark skin with acne

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I suggest going to a dermatologist to get your acne under control. Topicals and peels will usually do it. If there is scarring after the acne settles down, Infini is a good choice for your skin type. 

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Comedomes, pustules and spreading across your face

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I would review what you are doing now with your skin care and optimize you there first. I would then consider a topical regime to start with including peels, retin A analogues, salicylic acid cleansers and other topical medications. Then more severe you can consider accutane or spironolactone. For scarring we do a 5-7 step process to improve your scars all done in one treatment and in about 2 hours.

Philip Young, MD
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Scars and Marks and Best Treatment

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A combination of fillers and lasers such as eMatrix or Fraxel would be best to treat your skin.  It would take several different lasers - the Vbeam for redness and eMatrix of Fraxel for the scars.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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