Is It Normal to Have Redness on the Face After 5 Weeks of Sciton Laser Treatment?

I was told it would only take 2 weeks to heal up before the treatment. Before it was like dark pink, now it still have lighter color pink. Will this scarring on the face ever goes away, would it be a permanent scarring on my face. I have about 18 pink spots on my face. 12 are very big. Can you help please?

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Redness after Sciton

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The answer to this question really depends on what Sciton laser treatment you had and what condition it was for.  Typically however, redness after any procedure does not necessarily mean you will have a permanent scar.  It is very typical (depending on your skin type) for redness associated with healing to take many months or even up to a year or two to gradually fade from red, then to pink, then back to baseline.  Just be careful to wear a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every day.

Chesterfield Dermatologic Surgeon

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