Non-surgical Treatment for Dark Circles with Fine Lines?

I am a 27-year-old woman, and I'm quite thin. I have suffered from dark circles due to hollows under my eyes since childhood. However, the hollows have increased significantly over the last few years and increased the appearance of fine lines in the area. I would like to treat this area non-surgically if possible. Do you have any recommendations?

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Under eye Restylane

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Dear Rach

Deep fill of your dark circles with one milliliter of Restylane under each eye will non-surgical fix the circles. The treatment effect will last a year or more. I have not been successful in using Juvederm for this purpose because the material has a tendency to drift out of this area.

I think your biggest challenge will be finding someone in your area who can do the procedure for you in an artful manner.

Unfortunately, you can't just get the material slammed into the face. It needs to sculpted to get the best result.

Don't get talked into longer lasting (and usually cheaper) materials. This is an area that will change over time and what you need know will be different than what you need right now. Long lasting materials tend to hang in place and can cause long term problems. This includes your own fat transfered to this area.

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