What can I do to combat redness from leftover acne? Why is acne only on one side of face? (photos)

Is there any treatment to prevent acne from leaving a lasting red mark? I do not pick at my acne (besides accidentally breaking from clarisonic), but it always leaves a red mark behind. Is my acne hormonal or just general? I never had acne before this year. I am a 24y south Asian female. Why is it only on one side of my face? Currently, I am using tretinoin (.035), washing with cerave & clarisonic. Use Nivea as moisturizer. I am considering adding a light lactic acid treatment (St Ives pads)

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Acne on one side...

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Thank you for your question.  Acne on one side of face can be due to many causes, most commonly it can be from way the hair sits on the face, cellphone usage or sleeping on one side of face on the pillow. Redness from acne can be treated with laser treatments like pulsed dye laser or Excel V / Genesis V.  You otherwise seem to be on an excellent acne care regiment.  Regards, Dr. Matt Elias

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