Can I Do Anything with my Reddish Skin Around my Mouth? (photo)

In '06 the skin around my mouth has turned red in a week, just before I started using ReNu MoistureLoc. I used it till it's recall. The redness was observed a bit in the corner of my eyes. I have treated with Elidel 1% creme. After couple of month most of my symptoms gone away. But remains the skin barely reddish there. When I'm talkin or chewin, that area turns more saturate as the pic shown. More Elidel didn't help in '08. Can I do, have I do anything with it? Is it gone away by itself?Thanks

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Seborrheic dermatitis responds to combination creams.

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Based on the images, it seems that you could be having seborrheic dermatitis, which can be loosely considered the skin equivalent of dandruff on the scalp. So, do you have dandruff on the scalp? Managing that helps the redness to a certain extent.

Also, does the redness worsen with eating spicy food, sun exposure? If yes, there is small chance that there could be a component of rosacea as well, but the images are more consistent with seborrheic dermatitis.

A combination topical application of a mild steroid like hydrocortisone together with miconazole will help. But it would be much better to have an evaluation by your dermatologist, since this may take some time to resolve. 

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