What Are my Options for This Hypertrophic Scar Just Below my Patella? (photo)

I sustained a laceration from a bad fall. The scar is about 10 months old. It is slightly painful when pressure is applied to it such as kneeling, is rather hard and inelastic, and occasionally itches. Although I've heard that steroid injections may improve it's appearance, I'd like more opinions on whether this is advisable. Also, can other actions be taken to dramatically improve its appearance such as surgery or laser? If so, what would be the cost in US or Singapore dollars? thank you.

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Knee and leg scars that are hypertrophic

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I would begin treatment on this hypertrophic scar with pulsed dye laser first, followed by resurfacing laser (CO2) in the future for the texture of the scar.Surgery is a less likely option because of the tension on the scar.

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