What Are my Options for Fixing a Dented and Hypertrophic Acne Scar?

I got a large cyst on my nose earlier this year that I got injected with cortisone. It erased all the redness and left a bump which I stupidly pressed down, turning the area all red again. The redness has largely faded but now I'm left with a dent that's surrounded by a mildy hypertrophic ring. The entire area has a light brown tinge that does not turn white or red or become much darker when I press on it. What is this and what are my options for fixing it? Will it continue to improve over time?

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Injecting cysts with cosmetic outcomes.

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If the cyst was injected with a steroid it is important to understand the dilution of steroid  that was placed.  Second, the dark ring around the area (?hypertrophic) could be pigment cells that became inflamed due to the cyst and should fade over time.  My advice is to leave the area alone and the "dent" should resolve.  Remember that steroids can lead atrophy, and if the area does not improve, then return to the physician and consult your options.

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