My lips are always dry. Is there a solution? (Photo)

My lips always dry on this case for many years, and used every ways without interest and always used Vaseline and every morning I find dead skin removed and repeated this process, what is the solution?

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Dry lips

If you have already consistently used Aquaphor healing ointment or Vaseline, you may need to see a dermatologist to investigate causes of persistent dry lips which include secondary yeast or bacterial infections as well as several chronic inflammatory conditions that can affect the lips.  Some of these conditions may need treatment beyond the scope of just replacing moisture.  Additionally, it is possible you have become allergic to some product you are putting on the lips, an oral medication may be flaring them and preventing their resolution to normal, or you could even have an allergy related to sun exposure.  At any rate a good board-certified dermatologist should be able to help you.

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