Would Radio Frequency Needling help with deep Acne Scars?

I am a fair Skinned Indian. Skin Type 4 or 5. I have deep Acne scars on my Face, I have had a Fractional CO2 laser done for it on my face with almost zero results. I would like to know if RF-Needling promises anything better in terms of Results. If yes, are there any multiple sessions that one needs to undergo before he starts noticing any results. If yes, how many minimum? And for Deep scars what is the Intensity level setting in the RF-Needling Machine that one has to keep it to ?

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Forget The Fraxels; Forget The RF Devices; Acne Scars Respond Well To Subcision & Medical Microneedling

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Unfortunately, I am not surprised about the failure of the fraxel laser treatment. It seems that these lasers, like the radiofrequency devices, are proving to be far more device manufacturer backed marketing hype than hard science. Sorry.

However, without good photos, or still better an in-the-flesh examination to determine scar distensibility, it is difficult to talk in anything more than general terms. To stretch and smooth large areas of the cheeks, one approach might be The Nonsurgical 3D Vectoring Facelift. For indented scars, such as rolling scars and boxcar scars, subcision would be an option. For pit scars, the CROSS technique might be considered or a light electrodessication with an epilating needle slid down the length of the pit in order to close it off. For surface textural and pigmentary irregularities a series of fractional microneedling resurfacing procedures may be in order. The number of treatments required for each of the above would of course be determined by your individual needs. Details on. each of these procedures can be found elsewhere in the archives of Realself.com

The point is that you would do well to seek consultation with a board certified aesthetic physician with extensive experience and expertise in all forms of acne scar treatments, and not just to someone hawking the latest purported "next big thing" to come along.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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RF Microneedling is very good for acne scars in darker skin types

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The RF microneedling procedure is much safer than lasers for darker skin types. The energy is placed below the level of the pigmentation.  There are several different machines in India. What you should look for is insulated needles like the Infini because if not insulated,  the energy is going to affect the surface and pigmentation. I don't know why subcision is recommended for acne scars. When a scar is cut, it will usually just reform if nothing else is done to prevent this. That's basic surgical principles. You need collagen remodeling to a more normalized pattern. There are several nice improvements noted with these rf devices in darker skin people. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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