Is It Better to Moisturise After a Chemical Peel?

Hi ive just done a chemical peel 5 days a go and im starting to become frustrated, the chemical peel is a green peel oil, I was just wondering is it better to keep the skin dry or to put moisturiser on it, Ive been getting mixed answers, I just need a straight one. Thank you

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Don't do aggressive peels on yourself. You could ruin your face!

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See an expert!  You only have one face.  Doing aggressive peels on yourself and then asking how to take care of it is suicide.  You are at risk of causing permanent damage if you don't know what you are doing or how to take care of it!  See a doctor who has a lot of experience and know how best to treat your skin.  If the peel was done by an expert, seek their advice for post operative care.

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Peels... To moisturize or not?

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All chemical peels, by definition, cause some amount of unwanted skin to leave so that newer healthier skin can come to the surface.  I agree that you should listen to the advice of the person who performed your peel.  But, I think you can't go wrong moisturizing after a peel.

David W. Bray, MD
Alexandria Dermatologist

This is a very mild peel.

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That means you could pick an answer and probably be right.  Generally though moisturized are very helpful.  First they hydrate the outer skin layers.  This makes everyone's skin look better.  Secondly, skin tends to be on the dry side for a period of time after a peel.  This means that using a moisturizer will help make up for this dryness.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Dear patient, I am not familiar with Green oil Peels but can tell you this. Light Glycolic and Lactic peels don't need to be moisturized. Deeper peels such as Jessner and TCA and Phenol need moisture. Keeping the skin moist allows the dead skin to peel off smoothly and eliminates the tight and sore feeling that may appear while the top layers are coming off. Having said that you should discuss this with the doctor that performed the peel and not listen to any one else on this forum. Yours, Dr. David R.

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