Best Treatment for Moderate Acne Scars? (photo)

My scars arent very deep and are really only noticed up close or when the light hits my face a certain way. Which works best for moderate acne scarring, Total FX or Fraxel Re:pair?

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FAST for Acne Sars

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Often laser treatment is best for acne scars. A combination of Fractional Co2 laser and Fraxel laser is generally best for patients. 
There are many options available for the treatment of acne scarring. The choice of treatment modality depends on the type of acne scarring thatis being treated. Chemical peels and Fraxel Laser Resurfacing are very effective in the treatment of dark spots (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) and the KTP Laser is very effective in the treatment of red marks (post-inflammatory erythema.) The treatment of pitted (atrophic) acne scars requires a resurfacing laser, such as the Fraxel or Fractional CO2 Laser. The Fractional CO2 Laser is the most aggressive and most effective treatment for pitted acne scars.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Fractional resurfacing will help your scars.

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You could consider fractional resurfacing with lasers/ radiofrequency devices. You may need 3 -4 sessions, at intervals of 3- 4 months between sessions. For persistent scars, TCA CROSS will also help.

Treatment for Acne Scars

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If you can tolerate about a week of healing time, I would recommend laser resurfacing with fractional CO2 laser.  I prefer the SmartXide DOT CO2 laser which allows very precise control of treatment settings .  Relatively aggressive settings are required for acne scars but the fractional nature of the treatment results in faster healing than traditional CO2 laser.  Sometimes more than one treatment session is required for maximal improvement.  If you don't want any downtime, a series of treatments with non-ablative fractional lasers can provide improvement.  Alternatively, you could consider a series of dermaroller or medical needling treatments (also called percutaneous collagen induction therapy).  

Richard Ort, MD
Lone Tree Dermatologic Surgeon
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Triple therapy for acne scars works best

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I get the best results with treating acne scars with the Encore FX Laser (both deep and active). That will help smooth things out superificially. Add to that Sculptra, an injection which will stimulate your body to make collagen and thicken the skin. I top this off with the Gentlewaves LED (light emitting diode) treatment which was developed by NASA for wound healing in space. The triple combination seems to work best. They will never disappear completely but you can get some nice improvement.

Janet M. Neigel, MD
Florham Park Oculoplastic Surgeon
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