What can I do if I was mislead by a physician's consultation?

How to protect my right if I got wrong consultation information from a surgeon? I asked a surgeon about will his protocol leaves scar or not? If it'll leave scar, I won't do this surgery. His answer is no. But after I did the surgery, it leaves me obvious scars. I feel I was cheated by a surgeon I was trusted:(

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Plastic surgery wounds

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anytime you make an incision in the skin it leaves a scar. thats how we heal, and that is how the skin is held together. the degree of scarring, the visibility of the scar, the quality of the scar is dependent on many factors, the most important of which is the patients inherent ability to heal. this is a genetic trait, and doctors can only affect a rather small component of this. sounds like a breakdown in communication and a subsequent misunderstanding

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