The past year I've been dealing with mini bumps all over my cheeks, around my jaw line and forehead, what can I do? (photo)

Over the past year I've noticed that my face and skin has changed for the worst. I have so many colorless and painless pimples that i an not get rid of. Even if I exfoliate my face feels like sandpaper and if sunlight hits my face directly I look like a crunch bar with makeup. Ive tried many face washes and home remedies but nothing seems to work.

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Acne control in asian skin

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I would see a skin specialist. I would start you on Retin A, hydroquinone, and chemical peels. Topical meds such as antibiotics and cleansers would help too. Given you have darker skin type, I would refrain from using lasers at this point. Oral antibiotics are sometimes needed.

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Hi ,

Thanks for sharing the picture. Looks like comedones and papules. Mild exfoliation is not enough to treat these stubborn lesions. Start priming your skin with a mild dosage of topical  retinoids along with topical antibiotics. protect your skin with moisturisers and sun protectors. Meet your cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist to guide you with chemical peels. Hope this will help you. 

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