Would fat transfer to my hands decrease easy bruising as well as plump the skin? (photos)

My thin skin and the repeated injury to my hands produces what seems to me permanent discoloration. My hands are never without bruises. Would a fat transfer to plump the skin help this problem as well as increase the appearance of thicker skin? I also would like to have a fat transfer to my lower arms as they are very vulnerable to bruising and injury as well. Is this done?

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Fat Grafting to the Hands

Fat grafts will add volume to the hand. The associated stem cells will help to thicken the skin and add a moderate rejuvenative effect. Whether or not it will help with your very fragile skin is anyones guess.
Good luck!

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Fat Transfer to the Hands

Fat transfer to the hand dorsums can make them look younger by plumping them and softening the appearance of the tendons and, occasionally, the veins. It will not, however, reduce the bruising of the hands. There are, however, several things you can do. First, stop all non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and aspirin and any vitamins or food containing Vitamin E. You can also take Arnica Montana regularly as it reduces any bruising you do get and makes it resolve faster.

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Would fat transfer to my hands decrease easy bruising as well as plump the skin?

    Fat transfer can be used to plump the areas and soften the appearance.

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Fat grafting to hands

Fat grafting to hands will plump them up but if your skin tends to bruise it will still bruise. I think you might get a bit less bruising in the future since the fat will make the tissues under the skin softer and maybe "cushion the blow" a bit with injuries. This is of course an indirect effect. Good luck.

Easy Bruising

Thank you for your question. Fat transfer to the hands can help with plumping the hands, but it has no effect on the easy bruisibility and fragility of the skin of the hands.  In fact, the fragility of the skin and blood vessels would temporarily be worsened by this treatment. Best wishes.

Would fat transfer to my hands decrease easy bruising as well as plump the skin? (photos)

Fat transfer to the back of the hands is an excellent way to improve appearance by hiding tendons/veins and making the skin look softer.  It is unlikely to reduce the type of bruising that I see in the pictures.

Good luck.

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