Is more experience always better?

Should I go for a doctor who's been in the business for 20yrs over one who has only been in business 6yrs but uses all the newest techniques and technologies? Does more experience always equal better? Or can someone 6yrs out be just as skilled? His reviews are great and he has the things I'm looking for.

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Is more experience always better?

There is NO substitute for experience when it comes to surgical procedures. Also, it has been shown that the quicker the procedure can be performed the lower the incidents of complications. I personally would go with the more experienced surgeon provided he/she can document and/ or demonstrate that experience. All Board Certified PS are required to keep up on all of the latest and best techniques and practices.

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Is more experience always better?

GREAT QUESTION! But it seems you have already decided upon your Plastic Surgeon so why even ask??? I tell a story about 3 Plastic Surgeons to residents and young Plastic surgeons starting practice as follows: A patient asked your exact question. Well stated a elderly Professor of Plastic Surgery, with over 40 years experience said. The young PS has youth and energy at his side. He may also have experienced the latest and greatest newer techniques. But he should also be able to comprehend he does not have to operate on ever new patient especially the more difficult cases right away. The middle experienced PS knows the newer techniques and realizes some of them will not work while others will. He is more willing to take on the more difficult cases. Finally the older PS, like the professor, has so a vast experience. Surgery is second nature to him. But he is slower and slightly more choosy in who he operates on. So the message is find the PS you relate to, whether young, middle experienced or ancient. You the patient needs to decide NOT us... 

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