Best Medication for Body Acne?

I have mild acne not only on my face but down my back and shoulders "sprinkled" between my breasts. I am 25 years old. I have used some topical treatments.

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Usually if you need treatment on the trunk, even if your acne is mild you are best off with an antibiotic. Most dermatologists would recognize the Tetracycline famiy as being the most effective antibiotic. My personal preference is Solodyn due to its effectiveness and delivery system.

If you fear or cannot take antibiotics, Clindareach is a nice alternative. This is a wand upon which you stick a Clindamycin dipped pad onto the head. The device also comes with 60 pads to which you can apply another medication, preferably a benzoyl peroxide if you have pustules and a Retinoid if you have blackheads.

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