Mederma or Bio Oil for Old Stretchmarks?

Will mederma or bio oil help with old stretchmarks? There is a site regarding stretch marks and that says massaging will fade new and old stretch marks- is that true?

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Stretch mark improvement with Mederma

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Stretch marks are not thickened scars, rather, they are tears in the dermal layer of the skin. Using mederma or bio-oil on thickened scars works by increasing cellular collagen remodeling in the dermis. In stretch marks, there is no theoretical benefit of mederma or similar scar formulas.

I use a strict topical cream and laser protocol for stretch marks that works great on pigmented and thickened stretch marks on all skin complexions.

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Lots of stretch mark product scams

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In the contact section you might ask for one scientific study from a respected referreed journal showing any sort of oil or topical cream fades old stretch marks.

This sounds like the usual scam maybe fancily dressed up. T

here are some lasers which might fade them, and Fraxel is enjoying some support, but nothing topical. Sorry. Its just not that easy

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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