Best option to treat a scar during pregnacy? (Photo)

I had an accident 1 year ago, unfortunately i have scaring problems, and i just had a revision 3 months ago i feel depressed with the results my scar is red and getting thicker, my ps injected one time and he say that he prefer that i continue with massage instead of injection and today he offer bbl but im also pregnant and the end i didnt have any procedure done bc of my pregnancy. What options i might be in the market for me?

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Scar treatment

Your best bet is to apply a silicone based cream or gel available over the counter. That is the only cream/gel shown to actually work ( Not Mederma which is sold next to them).Wait till three months after your delivery to have the scar re-examined for possible revision.Good luck and congrats!

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Scar therapy during pregnancy

I would recommend massage therapy and application of Plato's Scar Serum on the scars. 
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