I Am Getting Married in 3 Months! Help! Moderate Acne and Scarring?

I am an African American woman getting married at the end of October. I have moderate acne, hyperpigmentation and some rolling/ice pick scarring. I would like to look as good as I can on my wedding day and have been trying to get my skin under control for the last year. I am on tazorac/finacea and also taking an antibiotic which helped but did not totally clear me. I still get embarrassing undergrounders on my chin and lower face. What can I do?

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Acne Scarring and Treatment 3 months before wedding

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3 months may not be enough time to heal. You would likely need to get something done right away so that you can have enough time to heal. I would suggest a multilayered approach with co2 resurfacing. The co2 resurfacing should be conservative with your dark skin. You might want to consider glycolic peels serially as well as clindamycin get spot treatments. Birth control pills will also help you.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Scars in darkly pigmented skin must be treated more carefully to get good results and avoid complications.

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I would recommend multiple treatments with eMatrix and filler for mild to moderate rolling scars.  If you have deeper rolling scars, I would recommend extensive subcision and eMatrix and Perlane.  Pitted scars are much more difficult to treat in Aftrican skin types.  A lot depends on the type scars.  Agressive Fractional ablative or full ablative laser resufacing is usually not an option for Aftrican skin.

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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