Is Makeup Causing my Milia?

I have had milia before on both my left and right eye I managed to get rid of it on my right eye with my fingers, and it really hurt, and it has been on my left for many months and another has just appeared under my right eye. I will admit, I do wear a lot of eyeliner, I use maybelline. Could any of the ingrediants in it have anything to do with my milia? I mainly want to no what ingidients I should watch out for with under eye milia! Please help!

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Milia from Make-up

Milia are deep-set clogged-up pores. Their cause is usually multi-factorial, including using skin products that enhance comedogenicity (clogging of the pores), genetic predisposition, and chronic sun exposure. If in general you have been milia-free up until now and recently increased in milia production, you do have to consider your skin products as most likely culprits. So in order to diminish milia, try using skin care products (etc., make-up, moisturizer, eye cream, sunscreen) that are oil-free and non-comedogenic. Also, try using retinol product, glycolic acid cleanser and facial or chemical peel to help with skin exfoliation and pore unclogging. Good luck.

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