Acne Scars and Pigmentation for Black Woman: What Can I do?

I'm Black, I Have a Lot of Acne Scarr and Pigmentation All over my Face,what Can I Do? I´m 30 years woman and had this problem with acne sense I was 15 years old, My acne is not that aggressiv these days but Now the problem is my scarr and pigmentation are horrible and to many, what kinde of treatment is there for me.

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Acne scarring in dark skin

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There are many options for treating acne scarring in all skin types, but in darker skin things are more challenging. I would have a consultation with a dermatologist to discuss the types of scars you have and/or hyperpigmentation. There are some topical products worth starting with which contain: vitamin A, vitamin C or azelaic acid. There are prescription bleaching/fading creams for hyperpigmentation. For thick scars or indented scars, the list of options is best discussed with your dermatologist.

Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

Acne "scars"

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Sounds like you might have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. You should talk with a dermatologist . If you were my patient I would probably start you off with an azelic acid  product(azelex in USA)  and a bleaching cream. Of course might change mind when seeing what this actually looks like. 

Jo Herzog, MD
Birmingham Dermatologist
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