How to Get Longer, Narrower Face

I want to have a face that's more womanly, more sharp and alert-looking, and not like a childlike version of my father's. I'm 22 years old. I think it should look less of a square shape, but I'm not sure, I'm no expert. I really, really don't want to use any neurotoxin. I know it's safe. Would cheek implants help? I also want the hump removed from my nose--would it be safe to have that done at the same time? Thanks.

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Longer, narrower face- how to accomplish

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Cheek augmentation with implants or other materials are likely to widen your face, especially the distance between the cheekbones (intermalar distance), depending on the placement of the implants. It would not narrow the face as you desire.

Since you are only 22, it is likely that over time, you will "burn through" your buccal fat pads, and your face will become more angular, and most likely appear thinner. So you will probably get more of the angular look as time passes.

Make sure you stay fit and trim by eating a good diet and exercising regularly. this will also keep your face as trim as possible.

Although I am a proponent of removal of the buccal fat pads in the right patient, you would in my opinion not be a good candidate for that procedure at this point.

I can't evaluate your nose fully without other views, but it certainly doesn't look objectionable.

You have a pretty face and should appreciate its beauty.

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Achieveing a longer narrower face.

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I would agree with Dr. Moelleken's assesment and comments.

The illusion of a longer narrower face can be approximated with a chin implant and buccal fat extraction. These procedures have risks and should not be considered without a complete review of the alternatives and beneftis in addition to the potential complications.

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