Long Philtrum - Any Treatments Available?

HI I would like to know if theres anything to do about to long philtrum? the space between my upper lip and nose in huge - 2cm and this really upsets me. my face is out of balance. i had 1ml restylane injected, but still i have 2cm big gap. Is there anything else to do? i would not injected restylane if i knew it wouldnt helped.

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Long philtrum

Wihtou at least seeing photos it would be difficult to say.  However, the only way to treat a long philtrum is by shortening it. This would leave a permanet scar usually underneath the nose or along the lip line.

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Treatment of a long upper lip

I think you are wasting your money if you are paying for filler injections and expecting them to correct a long philtrum.Without a face to face examination or at least photos there is no way for me to make a specific recommendation in your caase. If you have never had facial surgery in the past your complaint islikwly  due to the bone structure of your face & this may be best addressed by jaw surgery. A long midface can be a result of excess upper jaw vertical length & that is best treated by jaw surgery.

Aaron Stone, MD
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